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Wine Club Survey Pomona and Artemis March 2017
Very Good
Needs Improvement
Yes No
Customization of wine in shipment
Receiving only single vineyard, club only and limited production wines
Free ground shipping on club orders
Member events open to all members
Exclusive member events for top tier clubs with Winemaker Chris Williams and Executive Chef Abby McManigle
Recipes from Chef Abby
Tasting Notes on the wines
I like receiving the hard copy
I use the recipes
I read the notes on the wines
I would prefer to look up recipes and notes on site as needed instead of receiving hard copy
Food and wine pairing classes
Dinner series with Chef Abby
Estate Vineyard Tours including Wine from the Estate
Classes with winemaking team and growers
Wine appreciation classes
Biodynamic classes and hands on opportunities
Yes No
Very likely
Not likely
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