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Our dedication and commitment to organic and biodynamic farming practices are strong and focused. Our philosophy about winemaking has always been simple: it starts with great respect and attention to detail, not only in the vineyard - but also with each vine! From pruning to harvest, we work closely with all of our growers to create a successful farming program each year, ensuring the best quality of fruit possible. We're confident these practices ultimately show in our wines.

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The following contracted vineyards throughout the Willamette Valley, continue to be an integral part of our diverse program:


-Ana Vineyards-
8649 NE Worden Hill Road, Dundee Oregon 97115
AVA: Dundee Hills
Date Planted: 1975
Elevation: 477’
Direction: Slope Faces South
Clone: Geisenheim
Spacing: 7’ X 9’
Irrigated: No
Farming Certifications: sustainable, balanced and cosmic.

-Bois Joli Vineyard-
4875 Millies Lane, Amity, OR 97101
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date Planted: 1983
Elevation: Steep slope average 650'; ranges from 590'-720'
Direction: Slope Faces South West
Clone: Riesling
Spacing: 8'-9' by 5
Irrigated: No
Farming Certifications: LIVE and Salmon Safe

-Orchard Fold Vineyard-
17939 SE Walnut Hill, Amity, OR 97101
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date planted: 2007
Elevation: 590'
Direction: The slope faces East South East
Clone: Geisenheim 110/330 (70%), Geisenheim 239/101-14 (10%), Geisenheim 198/3309 (10%), ENTAV-INRA 49/3309 (10%)
Spacing: 110 @ 4x7, 239/198/49 @ 6x7
Irrigated: No

-Yamhill Vineyards-
7950 N.E. Cooper Ln Yamhill OR 97148
AVA: Yamhill-Carlton
Date Planted : 1985
Elevation: 450'
Direction : Slope Faces South
Clone: Guisenhiem 110
Spacing:  8.5' by 4.5' 1132 plants per acre
Irrigated: No



-Oak Ridge Vineyard-
50 Postgren Rd, Husum, WA 98623
AVA: Columbia Valley
Date Planted:1984
Elevation: 1400 ft
Direction: Slope Faces South
Spacing:5 feet between plants; 8 ft between rows
Irrigated: No
Farming Certifications:Organic Certification by Washington State Department of Agriculture

Pinot Noir:

-Big Cheese Vineyard-
17945 SE Walnut Hill Rd. Amity, OR 97101
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date Planted: 2008
Elevation: 525 feet
Direction: Slope Faces East
Clone: POMMARD and 777
Spacing:5 plants between posts; Rows 6 FT apart
Irrigated: No

-Des Cerisses Vineyard-
18191 SE Walnut Hill Rd, Amity, OR 97101
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date Planted: 2 acres in 1999 and last ½ acre in 2000
Elevation: 315'-335'
Direction: Slope Faces South East
Clone: Mostly 777 with some 667 (About 50% total vineyard)
Spacing:5,117 plants total at 2,437 vines/acre
Irrigated :No

-Deux Vert Vineyard-
18000 NE Morelli Dr Yamhill 97148
AVA: Yamhill-Carlton
Year planted: 1998
Elevation 390'
Direction: slope faces South
Clones:  113, 114, and 667 on 3309 rootstock
Spacing:  9x4
Irrigated: No
Farming certifications: LIVE certified

-Muska Bement Vineyard-
10935 SE Eola Hills Road, Amity, Oregon 97101
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date planted:  2010
Elevation:  520' to 570'
Direction: the slope faces East and Southeast
Clone:Pommard (2 ac), Wad (2ac) 
Spacing:  6x4 feet
Irrigated (Y or N): N

-Sunset Ridge Vineyard-
6930 Zena Rd Rickreall OR 97371
AVA: McMinnville
Date Planted: 1997
Elevation: 480'-350'
Direction: Slope Faces West
Clone: 115, 113, 667, 777,Pomard
Spacing: 7'X40"
Irrigated: No

-Sunset View-
8600 Oak Grove Road Rickreall, OR 97371
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Date Planted:2006
Direction: Slope Faces South West
Clone:667 and 777
Spacing:1m X 1.8m
Irrigated: Yes

-Sunny Mountain Vineyard-
6400 Bennett Blvd. Monroe Oregon 97456
AVA: Willamette Valley
Date planted: 2005
Elevation: 600'
Direction: Slope faces south
Clone: 115, Pommard, 23 (Mariafeld)
Spacing: 8 x 5
Irrigated: No


Pinot Blanc:

-Bellevue Cross Vineyard-
22732 SW Latham Road, McMinnville, OR 97128
AVA: McMinnville
Date Planted: 1991
Elevation: 300'-400'
Direction: Slope Faces South West
Clone: Pinot Blanc
Spacing: 5 ft between vines
Irrigated: No




-Eola Springs Vineyard-
3110 Oak Grove Road, Rickreall, OR    
AVA: Eola Amity Hills
Planted: 1985 and 1990  
Elevation: 600'
Direction: Slope faces South West
Spacing: 6'x12'
Irrigated: No